About Author Karen Williams

Karen Williams has worked as a Probation Officer II for 12 years. She now works as a School Counselor. She is the author of “Harlem On Lock,” “The People Vs. Cashmere 1 and 2,” “Dirty To The Grave,” “Sweet Giselle,” “Thug In Me,” “The Demise of Alexis Vancamp,” “Politics As Usual”, “Hail Mary 1 and 2”, Aphrodisiacs: Erotic Short Stories, and “Diamond In The Sky” in the anthology, “Around The Way Girls 7”. She also the author of “Dear Drama 1 and 2” under the Pen name, Braya Spice. She loves writing urban, contemporary, and thriller fiction. When she first started writing, she was inspired from her work with juveniles, as a Probation Officer and wanted to tell their stories. She wanted to give real people a voice. She is the mother of two lovely children. Karen loves good R & B music, movies, and to cook and bake for families and friends. She recently finished her 13th novel “Forever Reign”, and is working on another.

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